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ROC Compliance in India: A Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to Indiataxfile! Our goal is to simplify ROC compliance in India. This article breaks down ROC compliance in a beginner-friendly format. After reading, even newcomers will grasp the concept easily. Let’s get started.

The Registrar of Companies (ROC) is part of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and manages company and LLP records in India. Its job is to make sure businesses follow the law and run smoothly.

Legal Framework:

1. Companies Act, 2013:

This law consists of everything about forming, managing, and ending companies in India. It explains what the director, shareholders, and others in the company should do. It also includes filing yearly reports, board decisions, and financial statements.

2. Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008:

This law covers Limited Liability Partnerships(LLPs). It involves filing yearly reports, keeping records, and following disclosure rules.

Importance of ROC Compliance

ROC compliance is important for companies and LLP because:

  • Avoid Penalties: If businesses do not follow the ROC rule they get a big fine, which can hurt a company’s finances.
  • Maintain Reputation: To maintain a good reputation businesses should do paperwork on time and correctly. It makes a company look good to investors, customers, and government.
  • Legal Transparency: ROC compliance makes sure everyone can easily find out about a company’s business, money, and how it’s run.

Key ROC Filing Forms and Due Dates

Here’s a list of important ROC filing forms along with their due dates:

Form NameDue DateDetails
MSMe 1April 30, 2023 / Oct 31, 2022Half-Yearly Form for Outstanding Payment to MSMEs.
LLP 11May 30, 2023LLP Annual Return.
PAS 6May 30, 2023 / Nov 29, 2023Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report for Unlisted Public Companies.
DPT 3June 30, 2023Return of Deposits.
FLAJuly 15, 2023Annual Return to RBI.
DIR 3 KYCSep 30, 2023KYC of Directors/Partners.
MGT 14Oct 29, 2023Filing by Companies after Passing Resolutions.
ADT 1Oct 14, 2023Notice to Registrar for Appointment of Auditor.
AOC 4Oct 29, 2023Form for Filing Financial Statements.
MGT 7Nov 28, 2023Annual Return.
LLP 8Oct 30, 2023Statement of Account and Solvency of LLP.
AOC 4 (OPC)Sep 27, 2023Form for Filing Financial Statements for One Person Companies.
MGT 7A (OPC)Nov 28, 2023Form for Filing Financial Statements for One-Person Companies.

Make sure to mark these dates on your calendar and ensure the timely filing of these forms to stay compliant with ROC regulations. Missing deadlines can lead to penalties and legal consequences.

In summary, understanding ROC compliance is essential for businesses in India. It helps them to operate smoothly and avoid legal compliance. Businesses should strictly follow both acts that are Companies Acts. 2013 and LLP Act,2008. It can ensure transparency and maintain a good reputation. Additionally, staying updated on ROC filing forms and their due date to avoid penalties.

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