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Getting a trademark registration is just the first step in protecting your brand. You must renew it periodically to maintain its protection. Let’s explore all about trademark renewal.

What is Trademark Renewal?

Trademark registration is typically valid for 10 years until you renew it. Renewal must be initiated at least six months before the expiration date of the trademark. If you do not renew on time, it may lead to a potential loss of trademark rights.

What Do You Need for Renewal?

To renew your trademark registration in India, prepare these essential documents:

1. Registration Document Copy

2. TM-A Form Copy

3. Proof of Identity and Address

4. Power of Attorney (if applicable)

How to Renew Your Trademark: Step by Step

Renewing your trademark involves some steps:

1. Trademark Search – First, Search for a trademark and ensure no similar trademarks have been registered or applied for.

2. Renewal Application – Carefully fill out the renewal application and submit it with the required fee. You can submit the fee online or at the trademark office.

3. Application Review – After the submission, the trademark office examines your application for verification.

4. Publication in Trademark Journal – Your renewal application is published in the Trademark Journal.

5. Opposition Period – Third parties have a chance of four months to oppose the renewal.

6. Renewal Certificate – You will receive a renewal certificate if everything looks perfect.

7. Fee Payment – Finalize the process by paying the renewal fees.

How Can IndiaTaxFile Assist You?

We have an experienced team for trademark-related services. We can help you with this.

1. Renewal Request Form – We provide you with all the details to start the process or we do it for you. Don’t worry, we are a big fan of transparency. We share everything with you.

2. Documentation – Our expert handles all the important paperwork like Form 10 or Form 12

3. Progress Updates – We’ll give you all the updates or status of your application throughout the process.

4. Legal Guidance – We guide you in all steps and make sure you are not facing any legal trouble.

Benefits of Renewing Your Trademark

Trademark renewal offers many benefits:

  • Legal protection keeps your rights strong and shields your brand from being copied.
  • You can find new ways to make money by letting others use your brand through licensing.
  • Keeping your brand unique helps people recognize it easily and stops them from getting confused.

Duration and Cost

You can initiate trademark renewal up to a year before the expiration date. If you missed the deadline, you have an additional six months. Failure to renew may result in deletion from the register. Costs vary based on the filing method and any additional fees for late renewal or restoration.

Why Choose IndiaTaxFile?

Rely on IndiaTaxFile for an easy renewal process:

  • Clear Guidance: We help you renew step-by-step, using simple language.
  • Expert Support: Our skilled team makes sure your renewal goes smoothly.
  • Trusted Results: With our background in trademark renewals, we keep your trademark safe and current.

FAQs on Trademark Renewal

What is trademark renewal, and why is it important?

Trademark renewal means extending the validity of your trademark. It’s crucial to keep your brand safe from copies.

What do I need for trademark renewal?

You need a copy of your registration document, TM-A form, proof of identity, and power of attorney if needed.

How do I renew my trademark?

Fill out the renewal application, submit it with the fee, and wait for approval. Then, pay the renewal fees.

How can IndiaTaxFile help me?

We guide you through the process, handle paperwork, keep you updated, and offer legal advice.

What are the benefits of trademark renewal?

Renewing your trademark keeps it legally protected, lets you make money by licensing, and ensures your brand stays unique.

How long does trademark renewal last, and how much does it cost?

You can renew up to a year before expiry. Costs vary based on filing method and any late fees.

Why choose IndiaTaxFile for trademark renewal?

We provide clear guidance, expert support, and trusted results to keep your trademark safe.


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